Ashkan Hobian

"It's all about the experiences."Ashkan Hobian

Welcome to the world of Ashkan Hobian. A world where there’s always a chair for you at the dinner table. Consider yourself a friend whenever you’re here. As you pass through the pages, Ashkan can only hope you feel nothing but inspired and motivated to see that life is all about the experiences, and that this is not just his journey but a journey for us all. Ashkan is the editor behind adoa (A dash of Ash) where he shares his love for fashion, lifestyle, travel, and food. Today, Ashkan is a full time Creative Director behind his brand. His biggest takeaways from brand partnerships and the world of social media are the opportunities he’s gotten to encounter, meeting new people and hearing their ideas and stories as innovators. He values making personal connections with his clients in order to execute their vision in a way that not only speaks to the brand but to himself as well. You are welcomed to join his community on Instagram and to visit his weekly newsletter.

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