Born to Sweat

"I have slowly learned to embrace imperfections about myself and learned to love them because of fitness. Working out has given me a whole new positive outlook on how I view myself and how I view the world."Beverley Cheng
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Beverley is a self-employed/entrepreneur living in Toronto, Ontario. After leaving her full-time job in insurance, she focused her efforts on her new career as a fitness trainer, sports-model, and blogger. Beverley’s blog “Born to Sweat” published its first post in January 2014, and since then has continued to grow more and more each year. It is a platform to share workout videos, exercise variations, pescatarian recipes, and any other tips or tricks towards living a healthy and happier lifestyle. “Born to Sweat” aims to inspire and motivate readers whether they are highly experienced athletes or a beginner with a new gym membership. The mission behind the blog is to encourage others and teach them to embrace the power of exercise, because we all were Born to Sweat.

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