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"On any given day, you'll find me around the globe, walking the streets of some of my favourite cities, from where I find inspiration to bring into my kitchen."Diala Canelo
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Diala is the editor behind the food and travel blog “Diala’s Kitchen”. Instagram Diala’s kitchen where she shares recipes inspired on her travels around the world, city guides, and how to cook easy and delicious meals at home. Diala’s travels take her readers inside markets, restaurants and cafes in every city she visits, showcasing the best places to eat around the world. Her passion for food started while living in Montreal and that lead her to pursue her dream of becoming a Pastry Chef at Le Cordon Bleu. She combines her love for food and baking with living a healthy lifestyle that includes weekly crossfit and yoga workouts. Diala has worked with several prestigious brands, such as Google, Caesarstone, The Body Shop, All Clad, Frigidaire and Weston Bakeries. She lives in Toronto with her 2 daughters and dog Oliver.


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