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I started my blog to share my quest to cover the world in glitter and pepperoni! Erin Aschow
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Erin got her start working in the music industry, which fueled her obsession with travel and all things rock and roll. Now she spends her time sharing her life on REVENGE BAKERY! No, it’s not an actual bakery. It started out as an online bakery where she shipped cookies across the country! As the business grew, she realized baking 5,000 cookies every day wasn’t the right fit and wanted the flexibility to travel. Instead, she decided to create an inclusive blog to share her life. Originally from Santa Rosa, California, Erin now lives in San Diego. When she’s not working, you can find her checking out new restaurants, trying new recipes and watching movies with her boyfriend Tony and dog Doug! Erin started Revenge Bakery to share relatable content that girls of all ages could appreciate and enjoy. On the blog you can find everything from her “Lazy Girl Guides” and budget finds, to over the top recipes, fun DIYs, and travel tips. She loves to explore new places, hunt for bargains, eat anything covered in cheese, workout & do the occasional craft project!

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